Dimmer switch replacement £27.50

Most Dimmer switch replacement can handle 0.5 kilowatts of power and it takes about 35 min - 45 minutes to replace a dimmer switch. A replacement dimmer switch is not a difficult job to complete but if done incorrectly it has the potential to cause a short circuit and even a fire & for as little as £27.50, why take the chance? Get your Dimmer switch replacement done today safely.

The normal price for this job would be £55.00 you SAVE £27.50

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  • There’s no waiting around for quotes
  • No hidden charges
  • Removal of old Dimmer switch
  • Fitting your new Dimmer switch
  • Local Electrician you can depend on
  • A safe, clean and timely installation
  • Fixed Price guarantee




  • Moving the Dimmer switch
  • No fault diagnosis
  • No Dimmer switch provided
  • Any additional wiring upgrades to electrics
  • No painting or decorating



  • Extension Box £8.50
  • Moving Dimmer switch (0.5M) £75.00
  • Fault diagnosis switch £25.00
  • Repair fault diagnosis on Dimmer switch £40.00






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