Ceiling light wiring £89.00

Ceiling light wiring can be a problem if you have tried to replace your light fitting yourself and now your whole house lighting circuit is not working. Inside the ceiling rose of a pendant light there are four terminals, live loop-in, neutral, switch line, and earth. Changing a ceiling light might seem easy a job but numerous things can go wrong. Your-electrician.co.uk electrician has the experience and tools sort out the ceiling light wiring and get your light system back on more quickly and smoothly than someone with no training.

The normal price to install the single oven & hob would be £130.00 you SAVE £41.00

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  • There’s no waiting around for quotes
  • No hidden charges
  • Local Electrician you can depend on




  • No moving the ceiling rose
  • Any additional wiring upgrades to electrics



  • Moving light switch (0.5M) £75.00






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I'm trustworthy and certified as part of the United Kingdom Part P Approved competent scheme It help you know that I'm rigorously checked and receive professional training on a regular basis. When you come to sell your house you will need the papers I provide.

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