Perform an electrical testing Safety Certificate Check £143.00

Having an electrical inspection report put together is a time intensive job that will take me somewhere in the region of 4-8 hours to complete. Pricing will depend on the size of your property, but my fixed price is £143.00 for a standard 1-bedroom house or Apartment. The customer will provide clear the access to various socket outlets and the consumer unit.

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  • There’s no waiting around for quotes
  • No hidden charges
  • Testing of all of the circuits in the property
  • Full Electrical Test & Inspection certificate
  • Local Electrician you can depend on
  • Fixed Price guarantee
  • A safe, clean and timely installation




  • No rectification of any existing faults
  • No painting or decorating



  • Visual Condition Report £97
  • ( 2 Bed) Electrical Safety Certificate  £189
  • ( 3 Bed) Electrical Safety Certificate £229
  • (4 Bed) Electrical Safety Certificate £269
  • Work needed to repair existing faults is charged at £25 per half hour
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Qualified & local to sort out all your electrical problems

I'm trustworthy and certified as part of the United Kingdom Part P Approved competent scheme It help you know that I'm rigorously checked and receive professional training on a regular basis. When you come to sell your house you will need the papers I provide.

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