Ceiling fan installation £205.00

Ceiling fan installation can benefit your home in a few ways by cooling your home in the summer and heating in it up in the winter, making it your heating and cooling systems best friend. Be more comfortable in your home and save money on your utility bills by getting a ceiling fan installation done today for our website fixed price of £205. The electrician will remove your pendant light fitting and install your ceiling fan for our fixed website price.

The normal price for this job would be £255.00 you SAVE £50.00

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  • There’s no waiting around for quotes
  • Local Electrician you can depend on
  • A safe, clean and timely installation




  • No fault diagnosis
  • Any additional wiring upgrades to electrics



  • Fault diagnosis switch £25.00






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I'm trustworthy and certified as part of the United Kingdom Part P Approved competent scheme It help you know that I'm rigorously checked and receive professional training on a regular basis. When you come to sell your house you will need the papers I provide.

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